I’m annoyed…

Everyone around here seems to be breaking the rules, why? Why are you doing that, in our close of 34 houses only 10 are obeying the rules, selfish people, we live with my Nan who is feeling crap but she’s lucky as we live with her, other than not being allowed out she’s got company, she has my 2 children here who probably drive her mad, they play games with her, talk to her, cook with her, we get her shopping, I cook for her, she does her own cooking but occasionally she’ll eat what are eating . The other households are just inviting their family round, people behind us the same, my 12 year old has not seen her Dad since the week before lockdown, we could continue with our weekends, he is a key worker and Nan has a shielding letter so we are being cautious, it’s not fair, we shop once every 8-10 days, we have our one form of exercise a day, and that’s it, we clean everything that comes from shops, no shoes in the house, hand washing, hand gel, masks, if we go to the supermarket we shower when we get back, all clothing on hot wash with dettol, we have taken every precaution under the sun to protect Nan and ourselves, we go out early for walks when it’s quiet yet it would seem every other person doesn’t care any more. I am annoyed I haven’t seen my other Nan, my parents, my brother, my partner hasn’t seen his son, there are loved ones we want to see and things we want to do but we can’t. One neighbour has been playing George Ezra full blast today, now I don’t mind a bit of George Ezra I actually have him on my Spotify but just stop it. Now the other one playing his rootin tootin music, might blast Muse out they’ll all go off then or put the BBQ on they’ll go indoors then.

I went on running mad and ordered a medal and submitted my Strava map to get it, had a run this morning and a cycle yesterday, the profits go to the NHS, you can run walk or cycle. My plan this year was the enter as many races as I could so I could collect medals, was planning on doing a race called pizza dash on 25/4, 5K and you get a pizza shaped medal and a slice at the end, Prosecco run even though I can’t drink, i like strange things so wanted to collect strange medals I think that will have to be next years goal now. I’m thinking instead of running every other day I’m going to do it every day seeing as I’ve got nothing else to do early morning, might be an opportunity to improve my pace.

Doing to the kids fake Nando’s for dinner tomorrow, was a success last week. Looking forward to Bojo’s announcement tomorrow as so much of Britain seems to think he will say as you were, going to be a shock to everyone I think. I’d rather Raab tell us. Saw Boris in the news with his Costa, I miss Costa.

Chris Whitty – scientific legend
Love Banksy
We have been trying to learn oragami
To all our neighbours
Anyone near me in public
Ordered this medal, submitted evidence, 2.41 mile run, 13.5 mile bike ride. Thank you NHS 🌈💙

Arriving back…

I’m back, had a few day’s break, been reading and planning lessons and printing and doing all kinds of stuff. I’ve been out cycling and also restarted running which I was slacking with, I get very annoyed with myself and it’s effecting my health as my headaches are coming back so need to shift a few lockdown pounds, we’ve been going for walks early to avoid people, last few day’s it has been much busier even at 7:45 which concerns me, maybe more people are going to work. So I’ve got my pace to 10.11 which is back up considering I’d been lazy, I was 9.47 before lockdown, several scones later and almost 5 unwanted pounds i am a bit sluggish, back on weight watchers and making an effort to try and get 10,000 steps a day and get my garmin goal of however many flights of stairs in meant to do. So I watch the news thing every day, my dream team is Raab, Hancock and Whitty I only listen intensely when it’s them.

So when we go out we were facemasks, must admit we went a bit mad ordering reusable ones, and never one to look scruffy, you know that phrase you never know who’ll you bump into to, this rings true, one of our last trips on the bus in February and (I remember this because I started getting all freaked out about backwards counting to see if I was infected) we were heading a couple of towns along, getting some shopping and my OH gets annoyed because I make him go for lunch at 1130 when Nando’s open because it’s quiet so possibly when this was spreading we were quite apart from people because of my weirdness, think of stems from me being a lot bigger, I was a size 26 so liked to eat with not many people looking now I’m a 12/14 I still have that thing where I don’t like people looking because I think they are judging me. Anyway slightly off track, we got the bus and I always have my nails done and I had my eyebrows microbladed because they just looked terrible, so we got on the bus and a few stops in David Tennant got on the bus, I was having heart failure, my OH hadn’t had his ears syringed at this point so no point whispering and was trying to text him but was fangirling and feared I was going to bellow DOCTOR WHO, I left him in total peace as he was with his children like the nice person that I am. So back to facemasks, i wore a lovely grey one with white stars on, but I have a leopard print one, to wear with my brand new black dress, leopard print dress and leopard print brogues, is it bad I’m planning outfits and masks!

So half term finished and I spent hours and I mean hours planning lessons because youngest one had one sheet which lasted 4 weeks, now school has signed her up to google classroom , did I mention I hate chrome and classroom!!! So bloody annoying, we learn a lot about climate change, also factored in a couple of lessons on Banksy, Andy Warhol, Roma Gypsies, Phonetic Alphabet, sign language.

I have decided I am not good at baking and have messed up 2 cakes but can make excellent Rice Krispie cakes, made a wicked lamb doner and have also received a cook a long kit from #Nandos so will be having that this week, I miss Nando’s and Costa so much, I also miss having my nails done.

Hope you’re all safe and well, going to try and post more x

#NHS loom bracelet
Pompom necklace
Stuck this on our door
Happy Birthday 🥳
Who doesn’t love a chatterbox? Some many on twinkl
Cross stitch for beginners on eBay! Love these
These are great to print off for the kids, blank story/comic sheets, they love doing these
My doner kebab
My own Nando’s coming this weekend

Half term is almost over….

So half term has been interesting, not the usual, last 2 April half terms we’ve gone to Benidorm, was planning Majorca this year but for some reason I didn’t book I kept changing my mind. When we aren’t away we spend time at our local NT place doing the egg hunt, picnics, bike rides, we have Merlin passes so we go to theme parks, it’s actually been ok, I’ve saved a fortune.

Kids have been playing cafe and set it all up in the garden for days they really have enjoyed their wooden food, it’s been lovely.

Today we braved Tesco, usually other half does food shopping, I haven’t stepped foot in a shop since 21/3 so that was something new, I didn’t like it l, too many people, full blown OCD when I came back, stripped off, everything got disinfected, clothes got washed in dettol wash, I showered. I’m sure now I’ll panic for the next 400000 years of my life, although things seem to be getting better even though we’ve been locked down for another 3 weeks, hopefully we will return to a normal sort of life soon, as soon as non essential shops re-open I am birthday and Christmas shopping incase we get locked down again, cannot have my kids sad on their birthdays.

Nan wanted flour so went I went to collect my prescription I went to the local shop as the supermarket had sold out, it was huge I needed a forklift to bring it back, once again the doctors messed my prescription up!!! Every month without fail it gets buggered up, makes me so mad.

Kids pudding creation, Easter egg as a bowl, ice cream, squirty cream, crushed mini eggs

I thought today was Wednesday 😂

I am in a time warp haha! We’ve had a busy weekend, in the front garden and out the back. We’ve done egg hunts, Easter games and various crafts, been watching films and started reading one of the books I bought about 2 months ago, a Harlen Coben one, the Netflix show safe was excellent by the way. We braved the outside as we were all going a bit stir crazy, we all wore masks, like medical type ones not random ones, like superman, giraffe etc. It was good for our mental well being, kids were wary and we didn’t bump into anyone, if we did see people they moved out the way and everyone distanced themselves. I feel less panic, not sure why. Nan was a bit mad that we went out and asked was I allowed I told her Matt Hancock said I could. Weather was very chilly today. I was very frightened of the outside, sounds weird doesn’t it. In my head I visioned some sort zombie Black Death apocalypse out there, our minds make us see things that aren’t there. I feel a lot calmer now than I did from my first post. Half term is going well we’ve been doing so much and kept busy. Eldest finished her homework today without being asked. We’ve done some more window colourings and done some extra colourings for cards. All in things are pretty much good indoors, apart from Nan requesting a haircut which I done and it looks awful, least she’s got a good few months maybe before she goes out 😂 I told her I couldn’t cut hair.

Snails made from sea shells we collected from Hastings last year
Rainbow disco rock
Chocolate Bunny
Hunting for Chocolate
Trick or treat buckets because going to the shop for Easter ones is non essential
Bunny Ring Toss

We’ve been in the sunshine ☀️

In the garden obviously because we aren’t irresponsible and we care about others. Set the kids up little camp inspired by the #nationaltrust, had mermaid ice cream, was raspberry, bubblegum and marshmallow. We’ve made various things, bracelets, fake poo, heart, bouncy balls, kids done us a lively Hawaiian show, danced, sung and a pass the parcel.

We’ve been on the turbo trainer cycling, and enjoying as much outdoor as possible. Tomorrow we are going to do some Easter crafts followed by some Easter games and egg hunt on Sunday, going to watch bumble bee on Sunday evening.

Being indoors is normal but after 3 weeks I think we need some outside, would be lovely to go out. I can’t ever see life being normal again, other half showed me a picture saying Spain won’t open their boarders up until winter, we absolutely love Menorca, such a beautiful peaceful island, we’ve been so many times and made friends with staff in the hotel we always stay at, I think about them, they depend on tourists to live, I hope they are ok. Such sad times


We spent time in the garden again today and done sand art, put together solar lights and soaked big lolly sticks to make bracelets. Then watched some Brooklyn Nine Nine. Kids helped make enchiladas for dinner, we also had mermaid ice cream for dinner which was nice. Managed to get all my false nails off 😓 my nails are ruined now, I’ve had them religiously for god knows how long, can’t wait to see my little lady from the the Ukraine! Think tomorrow we can make Pom Pom jewellery and do some colouring. I done half hour bike ride on my turbo trainer.

My husband got put on furlough today, we cancelled our July holiday and although I call my partner husband we aren’t officially married yet but I changed my name and title by deed poll, were due to get married this year but have had to cancel so text everyone this evening, second time we’ve had to cancel. So that’s a bit crap, this is an absolute living nightmare, I can’t ever imagine life being normal again, there is so much fear surrounding everything. Sucks 😫

This is non essential but I really want it

The day’s the day’s…

Literally no idea what the hell day it is, we are apparently week 3 of the lockdown now, feels like months, I have no clue any more. I get chest pains, I have come to the conclusion this is a combination of sit up challenge and anxiety, so after Dr google helped me come to this conclusion actually. Today has been the second day of half term, yesterday was rubbish weather wise so we played on Xbox, watched some TV and made clay llamas, today weather wells lovely so made use of the garden, kids done lots of painting, had a lovely day, nice bath. Life indoors is becoming normal now. Am worried about how we will return to normal. My youngest is wearing a Mr Trump t shirt in these pics, we are not a fan she just likes his name, hair and orange face 😂 I have realised this week that youngest really looks like Sketch from tattoo fixers. I’m now relaxing in bed with a bit of chocolate waiting for traffic cops to come on, my favourite evening thing to do.

I’ll end on this, yesterday Boris Johnson got taken to hospital with Coronavirus and whilst I am not a fan of his, it’s actually really worrying and frightening that he is that ill, although one shot of Raab he looked like a dog with 2 dicks, Hancock is looking strained. I do hope he makes a recovery.

Sunday the day of rest

Today we sat in the garden, hottest day of the year, got a bit of a tan going on, I can tell the hairdresser now I went to the back garden on holiday. Youngest played with Mr potato head, together they played on 2 blankets and for our all kinds of barbies, monster high dolls etc. We had lunch and dinner in the garden. Eldest cried a lot today her Dad came to drop off her inhalers that are at his house, he left them on the doorstep, because we live with Nan she couldn’t go and see him and give him a cuddle because he’s a key worker, it was so hard they spoke on the phone whilst they waved out the window. She hasn’t seen him for 3 weeks now even though they FaceTime. When I open the door to get inhalers he’d left a huge bag for the kids, had giant Easter eggs, Easter crafts and games in, which was nice. This will be a nice activity for next weekend.

So Matt Hancock is thinking of taking away outdoor exercise because some of the British public can’t behave, don’t people realise they are making this longer and longer, for god sake. Also Boris Johnson been taken to hospital, I mean I’m not his biggest fan but when the bloke running the country is fucked you know it’s bad, I feel for his girlfriend as well, she’s on her own, pregnant and he’s in hospital, it doesn’t matter how rich you are or who are COVID-19 doesn’t care.

The ASDA shopping came, we had stuff missing, I’ve discovered it’s actually pointless having shopping delivered because you then have to go out and get it anyway. No eggs, no fruit and no lactose free milk, what’s the point? If I was an elderly or vulnerable person I’d be so upset because I’d feel like I couldn’t cope, I needed the milk for youngest, no other milk was given not even a similar brand or fat rating – by that I mean we ordered semi skimmed so not even skimmed, a phone call or a text you milk is unavailable text yes for ASDA version £1 or something similar.

Her t shirt says peas on Earth ❤️

The week ended

I didn’t write yesterday partly because I’d just had enough, I just keep panicking, I’m being so stupid, my allergies are playing up, my throat is funny because I keep swallowing to see if it’s sore, I just cried and cried because I’m terrified. I’m really over tired as well.

Was last day of term not that it makes any difference haha! So we had an easy day education wise, eldest done her set work, youngest mostly done colouring. We finished off at lunch time and spent rest of day playing and chilling out, made rainbows and thank-you NHS posters for the window. We made massive pancakes and had banana and squirty cream with sprinkles on them too!

Saturday we spent day in the garden, skipping, cycling, play-doh and playing on the blankets playing with Barbies, kids done some colouring and we played a couple of quiz games. Going to sort the second shed out tomorrow, for ASDA shopping coming tomorrow cannot wait to see what substitutes we get

#NHS #thank-you #rainbow #stayhome #staysafe #savelives
#NHS #thank-you #rainbow #stayhome #staysafe #savelives
#banana #pancake #sprinkle


The day before half term…yay 2 more weeks indoors! So homeschooling was good today we’ve done Spanish amongst other lessons, also done some baking and cooking. Kids spent some time outside playing weather was nice. I really miss the outside world and having the freedom to go places. I didn’t sleep well at all last night, I’m very tired today and made sit up challenge hard, I couldn’t be arsed to cycle.

When this is over I’m going to leave the house playing destiny’s child I’m a survivor, if my dress I bought for the summer, my platform trainers, pink belt, hair-dye I bought, new false nails I have, also hopefully all these sit up and stuff I’ll be more toned and emerge like a toned goddess haha!

I want one